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Rites of passage ceremonies celebrate and honor moments of transition critical to the next phase of life. The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path offers a ceremony for every stage of human maturation.  Centuries past these ceremonies were more tribal in nature involving entire communities that taught children self-authority and how to be a responsible contributing member of the tribe.  We are being called back to remember these old ways.  It does take a village to raise a healthy, ethical, and empowered child.   

Our Family Vision Quest is suitable for all ages; children, teens, parents, couples considering conception, and individual adults wishing to honor major life transitions. This special extended weekend will be hosted by Amara Keeps the Fire, Kelly Jumping Mouse, Mary Whispering Snow, and Michael Star Mountain.  

Rites for Children:  

With Nature as a guide, parents and children will explore and learn together through:  nature walks, learning about the elements, and the worlds of Grandmother Earth (stones, plants, animals, humans, and ancestors).  Children will create a family talking stick.  Parents and children will learn that they each have a voice, learning new ways to communicate, and resolve issues.  Parents, children, and teachers will work together co-creating a Children’s Lodge.  Rites for children will be based individually on maturity and age of each child.  Parents will also receive medicine teachings from the Wheel of Positive Parenting and how to support their child’s growth.

Rites for Teens:  

The essential benefit of these ceremonies is to move a teen from childhood to adult in a healthy, strong and empowering way. Putting childhood to rest and making a clear transition from childhood to adulthood is a necessary and a lost ritual in modern society. Recognition and honoring the transition in your teen is critical for setting up the incredible shift that’s happening physically, emotionally and energetically so that both child and parents are in alignment with the shifts occurring in the child.  Therefore the child is able to step into adulthood and leave childhood behind in a healthy and encouraging way – embracing and acknowledging the child’s growth and readiness for the next stage in their life story.  Rites for teens will be based individually on maturity level and age of each teen.  Teachings will be provided for teens and parents alike.

Adult Rites:  

Parents and singles are encouraged to engage in adult ceremonies for their age.  Today adult rites are almost nonexistent.  These transitions are very important to honor as we grow and mature during our adult years.  These rites assist us as we maneuver the many challenging phases of adult life including parenthood, love relationships, conscious conception, divorce, repairing our relationships with both sexes, and honoring ceremonies for elders.  Participants will learn their current Moon Cycle sitting place and the opportunity to align with current life transitions.  

Lodging, Camping, and Meals:

Spirit Canoe Lodge is a private retreat on 50 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NW North Carolina.  The Lodge is surrounded by nature, unique flora, fauna, a blueberry patch, and gravity fed springs.  All rites and ceremonies will take place on this nourishing land. Families and staff will be co-creating a living community with shared food and preparation.  Together we will share food costs and preparation.  Families are encouraged to camp for 10$ per night. Lodging in the cabin will be limited and filled on a first come basis.  Beds are 25$ per night.  These fees help to pay for the land use and support the extra costs we will have for this event.   

 Before You Come

We need to know your birth date and the birth date of your children as soon as possible.  This information is needed at an early stage so we can design our time together and prepare the appropriate rite of passage ceremony.  Please contact Kelly with this information.


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Cancellation Policy

You must notify us 7 days before the event for full refund. $150 fee applies for cancellations after July 31, 2018.

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