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Rite of passage ceremonies celebrate and honor moments of transition critical to the next phase of life. The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path offers ceremony for every stage of human maturation. Centuries past these ceremonies were more tribal in nature involving entire communities that taught children self authority and how to be a responsible contributing member of the tribe. We are being called back to remember these old ways. It does take a village to raise a healthy, ethical, and empowered child.


We will be offering adult and teen rites primarily, however, depending on requests and ages of children able to participate we may be able to offer a few ceremonies. Many of the rites for younger children involve the extended family and can be arranged any time of year. Contact Kelly with the age of your child and for more information.


The essential benefit of these ceremonies is to move your teen fromchild to adult in a healthy, strong and empowering way. Putting childhood to rest and making a clear transition from childhood to adulthood is a necessary and a lost ritual in modern society. Recognition and honoring the transition in your teen is critical for setting up the incredible shift that’s happening physically, emotionally and energetically so that both child and parents are in alignment with the shifts occurring in the child, therefore the child is able to step into adulthood and leave childhood behind in a healthy and encouraging way – embracing and acknowledging the child’s growth and readiness for the next stage in their life story. Families that have 9-18 year olds could qualify to participate in ceremonies and Vision Quests. Please contact Kelly to discuss the age and needs of your child.


These transitions are also important to honor. They assist us as we maneuver the many challenging phases of our adult life including parenthood, love relationships, honoring of the sisterhood and brotherhood societies, loss of loved ones, and honoring the many transitions into our elder years. These ceremonies will be scheduled according to the age groups of those attending. Please RSVP with your age and intent to join us so we can prepare the appropriate rite of passage.


Spirit Canoe Lodge is a private retreat on 50 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NW North Carolina. The Lodge is surrounded by nature,unique flora, fauna, a blue berry patch, and gravity fed springs. Allrites and ceremonies will take place on this nourishing land. Guests will stay on site or locally. Teens are invited to camp on the land.


Teaching and ceremonial costs will be determined based on the rite of passage required. Please contact us with your request and age group so that we can design the ceremony right for you or your child! Lodging fees for a bed are $25 per night per person, cot or camping $10 per night. Families and staff will be co-creating a living community with shared food and preparation to enable a beautiful experience for everyone. If you have any questions on whether your child is ready, please call.


This special extended weekend will be hosted by Amara Keeps the Fire, Kelly Jumping Mouse, Mary Whispering Snow, and Michael Star Dreamer. Additional ceremonialists from our tradition will also be joining us to help facilitate these special rites.  Learn more about our ceremony facilitators here.

For more information and to register contact Kelly Email:
Phone: 336.385.6312


Please contact us with your birth date and the birth date of any children or teens planning to attend even if you are not fully registering at this time. This information is needed at an early stage so way we can begin designing our time together and preparing the rite of passage ceremonies we will be offering. Contact Kelly to give her this information and let us know of your intent to attend.
Meals will be shared and communally prepared. A Kitchen Witch will help coordinate what participants will be bringing so that all our meal needs will be covered with beauty.



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