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If you are already an apprentice or considering becoming one, please join us for this very special mesa working ceremony.  This is the first ceremony in the First Gateway and initiates the Apprentice onto the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.  A dear friend of mine
Mary Whispering Snow Woman will be in town to facilitate this sweet and simple ceremony.  (this does not come around very often. A 7th gateway apprentice must perform this initiation!)  Even if you have already done this ceremony you can join in again as it is a wonderful refresher for our commitment to the light and being Rainbow Warriors in these very interesting times!  You also may join if you are wanting to participate to know more and are not required to speak the vow if you are not called to.  
Here is a little taste of the vow below...

Great Spirit, I vow from this time on to dance towards enlightenment.

I will fight my inner darkness with any tools and knowledge that works.

I accept all teachers, teachings and paths as equal, I honor all paths to the light.

I choose the Sweet Medicine SunDance way as my Path with Heart and the

pursuit of knowledge and pleasure as my way of self-growth......

A medicine gift and tobacco is required to participate in this ceremony.  A $10 donation is suggested to help Mary pay for traveling expenses.

Bring some food to share, there will be a potluck lunch afterwards,  Please RSVP to Kelly as soon as possible so we can prepare.

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