Seasonal gatherings designed to support women and our community through, Women's Sweeps, Mirroring Circles, a yearly Shakti Queen Retreat with Amara Charles, and Rites of Passage for all phases of womanhood.  

Sisterhood Empowerment Circle of Mirrors:  This is a co-empowering circle for one woman to have her shadow and beauty explored by a circle of mirrors.  Within our shadow lies our greatest gifts; the circle helps unearth them. When your story is fed back to you through the eyes and words of others you have an opportunity to catch what you’ve been missing.  Once the missing link is identified the woman will be assisted in discovering specific tasks needed to incorporate a new pattern.  This ceremony is especially helpful for women in major transition manifesting their dream, are emotionally stuck, or in transitions and ready to embrace needed change in their lives. Contact Kelly if you would like to request this ceremony.

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"Kelly Jumping Mouse has that rare combination of gentle healing soul-fulness and powerful teacher.  I have attended her purification lodge ceremonies on her land for almost three years now.  She blends sacred teachings together with community building an sharing, and holds that space with competence and clarity.  Whenever I have been yearning for something or disgruntled and out of sorts, I walk the path straight to Spirit Canoe Logde for ritual and ceremony  and always drive away transformed in some way, body, mind and spirit.  I highly recommend reaching out to Kelly and getting to know about her teaching lodge."


"I loved the retreat.  I had no idea what to expect and was much more than pleasantly surprised.  The grandmothering, introduction to the wheels (lightning bolt and goddess deck), and dharma warrior ceremony were my favorite parts, aside from just being able to hang out with such down to earth and open women.  The whole weekend was extremely refreshing and invigorating.  It took me awhile to come back to the real world after such a magical experience! My body, heart, mind and spirit are more open than I've ever felt.  It's hard to describe in words this powerful shift I still feel after one short weekend.  Kelly and Amara did an outstanding job hosting and leading us through some pretty powerful stuff."


"I feel alive! I found a place of remembering; Remembering my strength, my grace, my beauty and my truth. My greatest gift was rekindling the strong woman that has given birth to a child and will take that strength and vigor and openness to birth many things in my life."

"Having just concluded my first Shakti Queen Retreat I feel such feminine empowerment/growth and know its launching a new path! The biggest gain was “seeing” inner beauty that I’d forgot was there. Heartfelt thanks to Amara and Kelly!"  


"I FEEL GREAT!! I know that I am a strong, capable, beautiful and intelligent woman – goddess being! I know that I am supported on my path. Despite any doubts or struggle that arises, I know now that I have a strong woman – goddess support system and that my dream and vision is purposeful and needed. My biggest gain would have to be sharing in and experiencing with this magnificent group of ladies J Very powerful to be surrounded by the strength, beauty, nurturing one that is the feminine."  


"I am immensely grateful for Kelly and all she offers~ her home, her wisdom, her humor and her love.  Spirit Canoe Lodge is a place of welcoming, an invitation to be yourself.  Like the womb of the Earth, Kelly's home is a sacred space of safety, security and comfort.  And in that safe space, Kelly creates and offers what is needed for growth, transformation and expansion.  Spirit Canoe Lodge is a place to explore the depths of who you are, connect to Spirit, and relax into the core of your being.  Thank you Kelly for holding space for such important work!"


"The first thing you will notice when approaching Spirit Canoe Lodge is the welcoming beauty of the mountains and tress that surround the lovely cabin.   If this doesn't bring you home, then certainly the warmth and comfort of the lodge house will fill your heart and soul with ease.  But most of all, Kelly's welcoming spirit, her light humor and matter-of-fact, down to earth style will win your heart.  She offers her home freely, her wisdom and knowledge without pretense, or posturing.  It has been a privilege to be welcomed to the lodge for over four years, attending retreats, sweat lodge and gateway ceremonies along with Sweet Medicine SunDance Path teaching sessions.  Those who attend these events experience deep transformation, walking forward empowered with a renewed sense of connection and purpose; having forged deep, lasting bonds to Kelly, each other and the lodge.  If you are pondering a visit or have the opportunity to join in the many offerings of Spirit Canoe Lodge, GO!  Be assured you will yearn to return."

~Carol Anne

"My experience at Spirit Canoe Lodge with Kelly Clampitt at the Women's Winter Retreat was one of the best gifts I have given to myself in a very long time. I came away from this weekend feeling, renewed, energized, excited about the future, and with new focus with going in new directions. Kelly's knowledge and skills with engaging in ceremony, women's circle, her wisdom and humor help make anyone feel quickly welcomed and a part of the group. She conducts an amazing purification lodge with much skill as well as providing and facilitating a safe comfortable space to speak openly and bond with one another.. The beautiful lodge is spacious, welcoming, and accommodating, as is the beautiful land with incredible views.  There is space to be solitary if one desires that and is wholly supported. Tucked away in the beautiful Appalachian mountains of Ashe Co, NC., I highly recommend treating yourself to an experience with Kelly Clampitt and Spirit Canoe Lodge for retreating, healing, creating, growing, connecting,  and" being" with lovely like minded people. "


"You are healing the world One woman at a time. For me to have had my daughter under your wisdom end guidance I am deeply grateful. In short and simple ease, I mean I love you big! :)"


"OMGoddess! I am glowing with the healing and empowerment shared at this retreat. Kelly and Amara created such a fun and safe space to explore, and guided us into healing really deep wounds, and rebirthing our individual beauties, prowess and strengths. Amara is truly a gifted guide weaving stories, wisdom, and ceremony lifting each woman into her true natural beauty and essence. Kelly's humble power and humor had us laughing and crying. Together Amara and Kelly dreamed us all awake. And what a bunch of amazing stunning women that were attracted to this space. We are all sisters for always now. Oh, and the food was healthy amazing scrumptious. Thank you Sybil for being the calm artist in the kitchen. I don't want to say too much more so as not to give away the sweet secrets of this amazing weekend! I am in deep gratitude for having been present to this opportunity of sisterhood and healing."