Photography by    Kelly Clampitt

Photography by Kelly Clampitt


Personal ceremonial retreats are designed to connect you with nature and find the answers you are looking for.  These retreats are designed specifically for the participant’s needs and current life transitions

Included in a Personal Retreat:

·       One on one time with Kelly to help (you) determine the desired goal, ceremony, or Rite of Passage needed.  Ceremonies will be chosen to help you get to the heart of what must change.

·       Moon cycle consultation: a look at where you stand in the moon cycles of life (your current age) and what spirit is asking you to align with for your next phase of growth.  A recapitulation of life events may be recommended to discern repeating patterns.

·       Completion circle:  A full debrief of the gains from your ceremony, what you now know needs to change, and suggestions for follow up.  A Warrior Task Assignment (WTA) may be given in order to implement a behavior change toward your desired goal.  Ceremony is just the awakening of what your higher self is calling you to step into; following through with actions to implement necessary change is the true magic that sends you on the journey toward manifesting what you desire.

·       Follow up on your progress at 3 weeks, 3 months, and one year.  Email or phone call.

·       Schedule your visit near an event or shamanic purification lodge is an option to experience a community ceremony and to integrate your work even more deeply.

·       Lodging is included so you have time to walk in nature, do your ceremonies, and perhaps even visit local places of interest.

Costs:   Our lineage does not charge for ceremony.  Medicine gifts and tobacco are traditional gifts given to the Dance Chief of your ceremony that signify your intent and thanks.  Gifts are asked to be of equal value for what you have received.  Expenses for lodging, consultation, and teachings often average $300-500.  Costs will range according to the length of your stay and amount of teachings needed for particular ceremonies.  The choice of room is also a factor in the price.  Once you confirm a date protocols and information about what to bring and how to prepare will be sent to you.

Contact Kelly for availability and costs.