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KELLY "Jumping Mouse" CLAMPITT

Kelly apprenticed to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path path in 1997. After moving to the Appalachian Mountains in 2010 she founded Spirit Canoe Lodge as a sacred space where community could come together in their desire to “grow corn” on a personal and collective level. Kelly is known for her unique sense of humor and her gentle power that puts others at ease instantly. As a medicine woman, she actively hosts and facilitates shamanic gatherings for gateway vision quests, purification lodges, sisterhoodcircles, and rite of passage ceremonies.

MARY "Whispering Snow" DOTSON

With deep respect for the natural world, and the desire to manifest light, love, and life, Mary founded and leads Nature Journey’s lodge with the intent to cultivate a love of nature and the return to a beauty way for all humans. For over a decade, she has trained as a ceremonialist for rites of passage – a much needed honoring of our life cycle from birth to the returnto the spirit world. She looks to inspire seekers to findand share their unique beauty through establishing deep connections to the natural rhythms and cycles that guide our dance on Grandmother Earth. Mary is a student of the Sweet Medicine SunDance path and brings these teachings to all who desire knowledge that works and ultimately to manifestbeauty in our world.

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MICHAEL "Star Dreamer" STEIN

Michael Stein Star Dreamer began his apprenticeship to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path in 1995. He is an authorized Teacher of this Path, bringing these powerful wisdom teachings throughout North America. He leads the Thunder Awakeners Lodge in Chapel Hill, NC and provides a full range of transformative ceremonies and Shamanic Based Life and Career Coaching to individuals,couples, and groups. Michael is a Certified Trainer ofNLP and the Excellence Principle, and an Ericksonian style hypnotist. A master storyteller, Michael is committed to listen, support and challenge people to discover the Beauty and Power of their natural selves. He is dedicated to modeling the mature masculine.

AMARA "Keeps the Fire" CHARLES

An apprentice since 1979, Amara has been leading spiritual sexuality retreats around the world for over 30 years and she is the bestselling author of The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka. As a shamanic ceremonialist, Amara is a 7th Gateway apprentice to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path of Turtle Island. Over the last 10 years, Amara led Rites of Passage ceremonies for children and adults helping familiesand teens find their vision and create moreempowering relationships during great Life Transitions. For ten years, Amara also founded and directed Wondercamp and Spirit Quest inspiring young people discover and awaken to their connection to Sacred Mother Life.

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