The Sweet Medicine Sundance Path is comprised of 15 Gateways or levels of shamanic training via ceremonies, teachings, and ritual.  Within each gateway there are 8 major ceremonies, several personal ceremonies, and several WTAs (Warrior Task Assignments).  The ceremonies and tasks of the first 3 gateways are beginning the “Great Work”, the inner journey to heal one’s self and find the warrior within.  You will confront the enemies within so they become teachers, allies, and companions for you in life.  You will have the opportunity to make physical substance changes for the better and gain more Health, Happiness, Harmony, Hope, and Humor.  You will have greater awareness of where and how you limit yourself.  You will erase personal history and heal the Child within to create a new form, a new story as a warrior.  You will become a Rainbow Warrior who is “teachable”.  There are several Long House Training Programs each year for apprentices in Phoenix if you are willing to travel. 

Finding a Path with Heart is a life altering and inspiring moment.  The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path is one of great beauty and I know of no other that really teaches this level of leadership, personal accountability, maturity, physical mastery, and ultimately enlightenment.  It is a warrior’s path and not for everyone. This tradition is not one that you "graduate" from in 3 years.  It is a lifelong commitment to your own growth and evolution as a sacred human being... until enlightened. Know that a true spiritual guide is not one that coddles, but one that challenges you to engage with your fears in order to grow towards your potential. Our teachers have teachers still engaged in their own process of growth!  Know that you can traverse the path at your own pace and that once you get a taste of what is beyond the status quo, you may want to move at a faster pace!

Leaving a Path is always a hard decision but if an apprentice finds a path that serves their needs better it is a wonderful thing.  The most important part is that once you have initiated yourself into a path of healing and growth it is important to find another path that continues to feed your spirit and desire to evolve.

Some apprentices know right away that they are all in.  Others need time to consider and engage in more ceremony before choosing this path. I am happy to discuss any questions you may have as you investigate what is calling to you.

For more information about apprenticing and to experience a ceremony, contact Kelly.

"The primary challenge of walking a Path is the inevitable stress that arises when the boundary of who you are, meets the greater potential of who you can become."   - Miles Kessler

“Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.”  -Neal Donald Walsch