Spirit Canoe Lodge was founded in 2010 in Ashe County, North Carolina as a sacred space where community could gather together in their desire to “grow corn” on a personal and collective level.  The vision for this Lodge came from an understanding of the healing powers of water and our individual journey in the stream of livingness. The Lodge is located in The Blue Ridge Mountains and near the New River which are ancient, and the many who travel here can feel this deep in their bones.  Nature is our greatest Teacher; the land here is primal, vibrant, and supports a huge bio diverse plant and animal population.  In 2019 Spirit Canoe Lodge transitioned into a non-profit 501c3 organization with the expanded Vision is being a self-sustaining community that nurtures the human spirit and brings balance into the world for generations. Our Mission is to provide space in nature for those who seek self-development and mastery of life.



Spirit Canoe Lodge is one of many teaching and ceremonial Lodges across the planet following the teachings of The Sweet Medicine Sundance Path, whose home Lodge is centered in Phoenix, Arizona. The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path (SMSD) is a Metis (mixed blood) lineage whose vision is to fight against ignorance, slavery, bigotry, racism, war, dogma and superstition using our unique knowledge and ceremony to seed future generations with Beauty, Power, Knowledge, and Freedom.  For thousands of years Medicine Men and Women, Shamans and other seekers from various tribes of Turtle Island traveled beyond their tribal boundaries to gather knowledge and wisdom "twisting braids of truth".  The Twisted Hairs Medicine Society Council of Elders preserves and shares this sacred knowledge.  For more about this path check out Sweet Medicine Sundance Path/Nurturing the Human Spirit and visit: www.DTMMS.org.






Kelly “Jumping Mouse” Clampitt created Spirit Canoe Lodge in 2010 as a sacred space where community could gather together in their desire to “grow corn” on a personal and collective level.  Kelly's passion is to inspire others to dig into their shadow, unearth the treasure within, and make their dreams a reality. Of Chickasaw mixed blood (Métis) heritage, she studied and apprenticed within the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path of Turtle Island for the last 20 years.  Kelly is also an accomplished artist and award-winning professional photographer with a BFA in Fine Art Photography.  Kelly's photography is shown in local galleries regularly.  She is honored to caretake this land, to teach and lead ceremonies designed to support others in their desire to grow, evolve, and stand in the center of their own circle of life! 



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