Photography by  Kelly Clampitt

Photography by Kelly Clampitt

Vision Quests are a soulful gift to self; a time for deep introspection into the heart of what matters most.  They connect you with the elements, the Worlds of Grandmother Earth, your Higher Self, and Spirit.  Vision Quests are meant to be challenging so that you connect with your inner will to find the power, clarity, and direction you are seeking.  The first ceremony is an intense 24 hour period of fasting, teachings, ceremony, and a night in your own medicine wheel in which you will look fearlessly at your patterns of life; the reality of your shadow self and beauty of your light/gifts/talents. What personal mythologies and beliefs are holding you back from engaging in life at its highest level?  This first Vision Quest will initiate you into the “Great Work”; the inner journey to heal oneself and find the warrior within. 

These time-tested ceremonies are part of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path.  The ceremonies from the first 3 gateways of our tradition are open to all seekers and apprentices.  Ceremonies and vision quests are done in a specific order designed to support our growth.  Subsequent vision quests are longer and each has a different focus and intent.   For more information about the gateway process visit the Apprenticeship section in Shamanic Programs.

A Ceremonial Weekend at Spirit Canoe Lodge is scheduled once a year. Private groups or individuals may schedule as the calendar allows.  Contact Kelly for costs and more information.



photography by  Kelly Clampitt

photography by Kelly Clampitt

Just as Grandmother Earth and Sister Moon experience seasonal, daily, monthly, yearly, and longer cycles of orbit in their journey around Grandfather Sun, so do the Humans that live upon her.  Humans experience one complete Moon cycle every 3 years, and every 27 years we complete a Big Moon cycle of learning.  Rites of Passage celebrate and honor moments of transition critical to the next phase of life.  Centuries past these ceremonies were more tribal in nature involving entire communities that taught children self authority and how to be a responsible contributing member of the tribe.  Today as the pace of life continues to increase we are called back to the old ways to remember what we have forgotten.  Children are the future of Humanity. Incorporating family and community into these ceremonies is especially important for children’s rites.  It does take a village to raise a child in a healthy, ethical, and empowering way that include good image makers.  These ceremonies convey an individual’s right to grow and change and are designed to facilitate natural and optimal development through the different stages of life from birth to death.  

Contact Kelly if you would like a Moon Cycle consultation and to discuss the rite of passage appropriate for your current age or transition.  Click below to download the complete ROP flyer.