Shamanic Purification Lodges are  a sacred ceremony that is open to all men and women that desire to connect with the elements, the worlds of Grandmother Earth, to pray (for self, life and others), to purify (emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually), and who choose to grow and evolve as humans.  The alchemy of this ceremony creates a safe space for us to let go of what no longer serves us and connect with Spirit to receive guidance and healing.  Come join us in a circle of reflections that we can make a jump in our evolution on a personal and collective level.  There will be a potluck after the ceremony.  See our Calendar for upcoming events.

There is no charge for the ceremony.

Donations or an energy exchange for lodge maintenance are appreciated.

*If you are new to the Sweet Medicine SunDance path purification lodge, you must RSVP to receive the protocols about how to prepare for this ceremony.  You will also be asked to arrive 30 minutes early if you are new to our lodge.  

Please RSVP Kelly at or 336-385-6312 or



"Kelly Jumping Mouse has that rare combination of gentle healing soul-fulness and powerful teacher.  I have attended her purification lodge ceremonies on her land for almost three years now.  She blends sacred teachings together with community building an sharing, and holds that space with competence and clarity.  Whenever I have been yearning for something or disgruntled and out of sorts, I walk the path straight to Spirit Canoe Logde for ritual and ceremony  and always drive away transformed in some way, body, mind and spirit.  I highly recommend reaching out to Kelly and getting to know about her teaching lodge."



"I am immensely grateful for Kelly and all she offers~ her home, her wisdom, her humor and her love.  Spirit Canoe Lodge is a place of welcoming, an invitation to be yourself.  Like the womb of the Earth, Kelly's home is a sacred space of safety, security and comfort.  And in that safe space, Kelly creates and offers what is needed for growth, transformation and expansion.  Spirit Canoe Lodge is a place to explore the depths of who you are, connect to Spirit, and relax into the core of your being.  Thank you Kelly for holding space for such important work!"