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They Can Set You Free OR Enslave You

Learn how NOT to be at the effect of the 7 dark arrows of: attachment, dependency, judgments, comparisons, expectations, the “needy child syndrome” and self-importance. We all run these mind games at some point in our lives and we pay the price when we do. These are the times when we lose energy, give away our power, become entrenched in our patterns with low-self-esteem and assume a negative approach to life and others.

Learn how to exercise your free will to choose the light arrows of: self-awareness, self-appreciation, self-acceptance, self-pleasure, self-love self actualization and self impeccability. This is the great work that empowers us to control our own reality, gain happiness, and regardless of how others react to us, make our dreams come true.

Join us for this transformative retreat at Spirit Canoe Lodge. Delve deep, laugh, learn and grow with the support of our gathering circle and sacred ceremony.


For information and registration contact: Dianne Vetter

FEE: $175 with a bed, or $145, bring your own pad/sleeping bag to sleep on the floor.

***Participants will be assigned to a meal team and will sign-up to contribute to a specific meal.


Dianne Vetter's passion is to empower people with knowledge, tools, and attitudes to “joyfully” navigate life and self-growth. She believes our work is to get up in the morning and shine, like Grandfather Sun in our beautiful naturalness. In doing so, we make it possible for life to continue. It is not our business to worry about who will partake in our fruit or if we are good enough. Dianne offers retreats and workshops through her business, Sustain Wellness Coaching. She is a mother, friend, Duke Certified Integrative Health Coach and National Board Certified Health Coach, and Elementary PE teacher.

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Brook Walker is a lover of nature. As a life long seeker of knowledge, spirit, and self she has gained many creative approaches and perspectives to living in our modern day. Brook is an apprentice on the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path with a deep dedication to the teachings and ceremony. As a facilitator, she brings her honesty and a great willingness “to meet you where you are .”

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