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The May Full Moon is also known as the Flower Moon or Corn Planting Moon.  Full moons are the zenith of completion of a cycle begun in the last new moon or even further back.  The full light is available for us to shine light into what is hidden within our shadow and purge what is not "growing corn". Our shadow hides the unexplored treasure of who we are.  Shadow work releases new energy when we clear out what we haven’t wanted to deal with or see about our self.  Purification Lodges reconnect us to the elements and give us the opportunity to re-balance and listen to spirit and our deepest longings within the soul.  We pray for self, life and others.  We commit to many activities and others more easily than to our self.  Commitment to self (as a form of self care) is often overlooked however it truly is the most important thing in the steps to actualizing your desires.  Pay attention to what transpires in your world when you make any commitment and follow through with it! that's where the really magick starts...

There is no charge for the ceremony.

Donations or an energy exchange for lodge maintenance are appreciated.

If you are new to the Sweet Medicine SunDance path purification lodge, you must RSVP to receive the protocols about how to prepare for this ceremony.  You will also be asked to arrive 60 minutes early if you are new to our lodge.

Contact Kelly Jumping Mouse at 

or phone 336-385-6312