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The perfect gift for your Mother or Daughter on Mother’s Day — together or on your own. We all are daughters to our mothers, and some are mothers to their daughters. This relationship can be challenging but also rewarding because we are always looking in a mirror. During the Mother-Daughter-Myself mask workshop we will explore these mirror images to create a mask. Tap into the “yin-yang” of your mother relationship. Discover how embracing and loving your mirror images can ultimately bring healing to those pesky wrinkles called childhood and life. This workshop can help support healing old wounds even with mothers/daughters who are no longer with us.

***Please bring a light lunch. 


9:30—10 am Registration  

10am—Noon Create base of mask 

Noon— 1pm  Lunch  

1—3:30pm  Create masks 

3—4:30pm  Discussion and closing 

***Bring a potluck dinner dish and breakfast food to share.  


FEE: $75 all material included.  If you wish to incorporate your own materials (a special piece of cloth, jewelry or found objects) please bring them too!)   

Email Martina Moore or call/text 336-970-1293 

Please stay over @ Spirit Canoe Lodge to enjoy beautiful Ashe County! $25 Contact Kelly Clampitt @ or 818-620-3937 (cell/text) 


Martina is a retired nurse and professional artist who uses masks to express and communicate her art. 

“Since early childhood I carved, sculpted and modeled fantasy characters, dolls and faces from any material I could get my hands on. I have always been fascinated by ancient cultures, their traditions, ceremonies and their strong connection to nature. By creating a mask, I can bond my passion of old cultures and nature together, and create expressions of beauty in a way that can uplift and transform the human spirit. Each piece is created intuitively, starting with an idea of color and shape to reflect the energy and beauty of nature. All creations are original designs.” 

Martina has been a member of Piedmont Craftsmen since 1997 and has sold her masks in galleries throughout the USA, Europe, Australia and Japan. For the last 20 years she has been conducting mask workshops with cancer survivors and their caretakers, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, expecting mothers on bedrest in hospitals, schools and senior centers. 

Martina Moore