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As men, we live in interesting times, to say the least.

All around us, it seems, are examples of how NOT to be, how NOT to act. 

What does it mean to be a balanced man, a balanced male, to embody the balanced masculine? How do we shine as men, with Dignity, Integrity and Self-Respect? More importantly, how is that reflected in our actions?

Our time together will be a combination of Teachings, Ceremonies, and Service.

After millennia of observation, the Twisted Hairs Elders have gifted us with Teachings of how we play out our masculinity in the Dark and in the Light, what it means to be a mature man, and ways to get there. To move these Learnings from our intellect and into our bodies, we will engage in Ceremonies, including a Purification Lodge. Because men integrate through action, we will do several service projects at Spirit Canoe Lodge which will also provide opportunities for us to share talents and skills with each other.

Men of all ages are encouraged to attend!  Come join this band of brothers as we seek to know more of ourselves so that we give to Life and others with excellence.

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Michael has been teaching about masculinity and relationships since 1996. Within the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, Michael is a senior Teacher, Medicine Man and Leader of Thunder Awakeners Lodge in Chapel Hill.  He is a Certified Trainer of NLP and the Excellence Principle, a Challenge Course facilitator, an Ericksonian style hypnotist and master storyteller. Michael is committed to listen, support and challenge students to discover the Beauty and Power of their natural selves. He is dedicated to modeling the mature masculine.

Cost:  $150 includes 2 night stay with a bed.  $120 you bring your own sleeping pad/bedding.  Medicine gifts, tobacco, and donations to cover the cost of ceremony are also requested.  A partial work trade can be worked out in advance for a few men.  More details will be sent once you RSVP.

Please contact Michael & Kelly to RSVP

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