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Purification Lodge Sunday July 10 @ 2pm

This extended weekend is open to apprentices and non-apprentices.  Many apprentices will be arriving earlier to begin ceremonies lasting longer than one day. The timing of your ceremony or teaching requests will be discussed as soon as you contact me to register. 


These ceremonies from the first 3 gateways of the Sweet Medicine Sun Dance Path are open to all seekers and Apprentices as a way to gain maturity, self discipline, and return to your naturalness….. to learn how not be at the affect of situations, tyrants, negative internal dialogue, and social conditioning that may keep us running in the same old karmic patterns...The lower self, the Shideh wants to keep everything the same and live in the comfort of what is life through subjective filters of projection or past experience. The Hokkshideh, the higher self wants to make choices and decisions that bring about our potential, increased levels of consciousness, perception, and objectivity...risking the unknown for a better happier life...ceremony can lead to new dharmic patterns that create the change and beauty we long for.

Contact Kelly at or 336-385-6312 for more information.  You may also visit

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